• Our TeliCore platform is hosted within an industry-leading datacenter designed for telecom.
    Data Center
    1.2-million-square-foot telecom building

Our TeliCore softswitch and billing platform is hosted within a highly available, redundant and secure datacenter located at 165 Halsey Street, just minutes away from New York City.

Located within the facility’s unique Meet-Me Room — the heart of the datacenter — Telinta is just a cross-connect away from over 60 of the world’s leading carriers. Our facilities enable Telinta to offer cutting-edge hosted softswitch and billing services, with superior connectivity and infrastructure.

Home to several government agencies and directly connected to the New York Stock Exchange, 165 Halsey Street provides the utmost in physical security and electronic access control. Its unique Disaster Avoidance System protects our hosted VoIP softswitch and billing platform against local utility company power outages, telecommunications failures, fire and other potential disasters.

Telinta also has additional infrastructure in key markets across the US and around the world such as
Bangalore, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Mumbai, New York, Newark, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto.

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