What is TeliCore?
TeliCore™ is Telinta’s robust carrier-grade platform, integrating cutting-edge VolP solutions from Telinta with world-class Switching and Billing capabilities from PortaSwitch with Telinta’s proprietary tools. TeliCore reflects over two decades of experience and expertise in meeting the special needs of VoIP service providers for switching, billing and customer management, all in a single integrated platform. TeliCore is designed to enable you and your resellers to offer a full range of white label VoIP services under your own brand. TeliCore is a cloud-based solution, helping your business grow without having to invest in your own infrastructure.
Where are your facilities located?
Our main facility is at 165 Halsey Street, near New York City. Telinta also has additional infrastructure in key markets across the US and around the world such as Bangalore, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Mumbai, New York, Newark, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto.
Do I need to host my equipment at Telinta?
No. Telinta serves its customer through our hosted solutions. You can access our cloud-based platform through your own web browser and Internet connection without owning your own servers, software or other infrastructure.
Does Telinta provide VoIP termination and DIDs?
No. Telinta does not provide VoIP termination or DIDs, instead we enable our customers to use any provider they prefer. If you do not already have your own providers, Telinta would be happy to refer you to reputable companies who can provide you with discounts and special promotions because you are a Telinta customer. In addition to VoIP termination and DIDs, Telinta has negotiated special promotions for mobile top-up, SMS and other important services.
What sort of training is available?

Telinta customers receive comprehensive instructor-led training, provided by one of our senior engineers. This training is usually six hours in total, divided into three 2-hour sessions held over three days. These live training sessions will use desktop conferences where we will guide you step by step to help get you started.

The objective of the training is to explain the capabilities of the platform, essential billing concepts, available interfaces, navigation via the web interface, and troubleshooting using the built-in tools. By the end of this hands-on training, our customers will perform the key steps needed to configure and use basic features of the platform.

How much does it cost?
Pricing depends on total volume of outbound off-net minutes. Price per minute decreases significantly as total volume increases. Inbound and on-net minutes are free. Please contact us at info@telinta.com for details.
How is Telinta different?
Telinta provides significant advantages that puts us ahead of the rest. Our 24/7 live technical support, comprehensive training, and over two decades of experience makes us your best choice. Our TeliCore platform includes our own proprietary tools that are not available from other switching and billing providers.
How fast I can be Up and Running?
With Telinta, your softswitch partition can be created in only three days after the Service Agreement is signed and the one-time signup fee is received.
Am I locked into a contract?
Our service agreement is month-to-month with no minimum time commitment.  You can cancel your Telinta service at any time without penalty by providing us with 30 days notice.  Our customers stick with Telinta for the long term because they are satisfied with our service, not because they are locked into a contract.
Is the technical support included?
Telinta provides free 24/7 technical support, every day of the year.
Will we get a dedicated IP address?
Yes, Telinta’s hosted softswitch solution includes four dedicated public IP addresses which can be used by your VoIP business. Telinta can reassign IP addresses directly to you. With this option, anyone who looks up your IP address in the ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) WHOIS public resource will see your company listed.

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