Hosted VoIP Solutions Recognized by Industry Journal

Hosted VoIP Solutions Recognized by Industry JournalAn industry report cited by the VoIP Monitoring Zone pointed out how VoIP service providers can offer Hosted VoIP solutions to bring significant benefits to their business customers.

The report explained that “businesses can look to the cloud. Instead of hosting a new VoIP system on-premise” as a means to avoid owning their own infrastructure.  “This will also lead to lower entrance costs and easier management through Web-based portals.”

The report also stated that productivity for all individuals involved should increase as a result of these advanced capabilities that Hosted VoIP solutions can offer.  “For IT, there will be fewer headaches with managing servers.  For employees, there are greater opportunities to connect…  VoIP becomes the backbone of those possibilities and can create a culture of improved connections and better workflows.”

Telinta enables VoIP service providers to offer all these benefits, and more, via our hosted softswitch platform, including brandable, customizable web portals.  Learn more