Choosing the Right Softswitch

Our white-label solutions enable you to offer cutting-edge VoIP services with your own brand and pricingMany VoIP service providers wrestle with the question, “How should I choose a hosted softswitch provider?”

What capabilities should you look for when choosing a VoIP switching provider?  While every business is different, here are some ideas you might use as a guide.  While no provider can do everything, once you prioritize the things that are truly important to your business, you’ve taken the first step.

Before looking at technical capabilities, look at the company behind the technology.
– How long have they been in business?
– Are they well-known in the industry?  What do press reports say?
– Do they exhibit and speak at VoIP industry events?
– Who are their partners?

What about Billing?
– Do they offer integrated Switching and Billing, all in one platform?
– Can you create your own prices, subscriptions, discounts, and promotions?
– Do they have real-time Billing?  Both prepaid and postpaid services?
– Real-time CDRs, real-time trouble-shooting, and real-time traffic analysis?

What payment options can you offer to your customers?
– Online payments with credit cards?
– Can you accept PayPal payments?
– Brandable interface to manually process cash payments?

What about Training and Support?
– Do they train you when you sign up?
– Do they offer Technical Support?
– Is their Support limited to certain hours/time zones, or 24x7x365?
– Is there an online KnowledgeBase and Technical Documentation?

Are they reliable?
– Do they have a prudent methodology for managing upgrades?
– In how many countries are their facilities located?
– Can they survive the unexpected?  Do they offer an SLA?

Do they offer a broad portfolio of solutions?
– Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, Conferencing, and other business services?
– Can you automate IP phone provisioning?  How is it different?
– Can you offer Mobile services, and if so what types?
– Desktop Softphones for Windows and Mac?  WebRTC?

Can you have Resellers?
– What resources do they offer for your Resellers?
– Can your Resellers use their own brand and pricing?
– Can your Resellers have Resellers of their own?

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Telinta offers everything listed above, and much more.

Our white label solutions enable you and your Resellers to offer a full portfolio of cutting-edge VoIP services with your own brand and pricing.  We lead the industry in Training and Around-the-Clock Technical Support.  Our TeliCoreTM platform is the largest of its type, anywhere in the world.  Since 2002, Telinta has served ITSPs and VoIP service providers worldwide.

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