How to Provide VoIP for Business Customers

How to Provide VoIP for your Business CustomersTelinta often hears the question, “How can I provide VoIP for business customers?”

VoIP service providers can benefit  from the high-growth trend where business customers around the globe are seeking ways to add new communications capabilities, while cutting costs.  For many, VoIP is the answer!

Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Mobile VoIP and Audio-Conferencing are all VoIP services used by businesses around the globe.  With cutting-edge VoIP solutions, you can offer your business customers added flexibility and significant savings compared to other providers.

Hosted PBX:

This enables you to replace legacy PBX equipment with a completely cloud-based solution.  Your customers can enjoy attractive PBX features, without deploying any hardware.  They can even configure extensions and perform self-service functions via a brandable self-care portal.

SIP Trunking:

For businesses that prefer to retain their PBX equipment, you can offer SIP Trunks that provide the cost savings of VoIP calling using any VoIP Termination carriers and DID providers you need.

Mobile VoIP:

For customers on the go, you can easily offer a brandable mobile softphone app for both Android and iOS.  You can offer this as a mobile PBX extension, or as a stand-alone Mobile VoIP business.  Your users can download a free app from iTunes and Google Play.


To complement your other businesses services, Audio-Conferencing provides a unique way to differentiate your company above the competition.

Virtual Office:

This unique solution enables your end users to tailor their own VoIP service “in the cloud” via a series of brandable self-service portals to configure extensions, set up call routing, auto-attendants, pick their own DID or toll-free number, and more – all without needing an IP Phone!  Virtual Office is perfect for your small and home-based business customers.

With Telinta, you can offer all these attractive business services without owning any hardware or software.  Our cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch and billing platform enables you to offer the attractive services you need to win and retain business customers.  You can automatically provision IP phones, offer call recording, hunt groups, call queues, video calling, and many other attractive capabilities.

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