How to Sell DIDs and Toll-Free Numbers

Telinta’s cloud-based Switching & Billing solutions enable you to sell wholesale DIDs and Toll-Free numbersAs a VoIP service provider, you might want to explore exciting opportunities in the attractive market for wholesale DIDs and Toll-Free numbers.

What do you need to start a profitable business selling DIDs and Toll-Free numbers?

First, you will need one or more DID providers that serve the locations you need.  These providers often sell both regular DIDs and Toll-Free numbers.  Choosing a provider will be an important part of the quality of service you offer to your customers.

Second, you will need a switching and billing platform that complements your DID business.  For example, if you plan to bill for inbound calling, you will need the ability to measure your traffic.  If you plan to charge monthly recurring fees, you will need a method to do that.  Regardless of how you price your services, you will need a method to process payments and manage your customers.

Telinta enables you to do all this, and more.  Our cloud-based solution enables you to offer Wholesale DIDs and Toll-Free Numbers to your customers using any  DID provider you need, as many as you need.  As an option, we can introduce you to our partners who provide special promotions to Telinta customers.   With Telinta, you can offer brandable, customizable multi-language portals to your customers and resellers.  Our flexible billing means you can charge monthly fees, per-channel and per-minute fees, offer volume discounts, promotions, and more.

How can Telinta help you sell wholesale DIDs and Toll-Free numbers? Learn more today.