Why is Integrated Switching and Billing important?

Learn how your softswitch and billing can work together to make your VoIP business run smoothly.Two key areas for any VoIP service provider business are switching and billing.  Switching combines many functions such as handling inbound traffic from your DID providers, routing calls to your VoIP Termination providers, and much more.  A softswitch provides the capabilities for most of what your users rely on:  configuring extensions, IVR, call queues and hunt groups, and provisioning IP phones.

In short, your Origination and Termination carriers provide the simple connectivity you need, but the softswitch provides the intelligence needed to transform that connectivity into a finished service that users can rely on.

All the sophisticated functionality provided by your softswitch has little value to your business unless you can bill for the services you provide.  Billing a crucial piece of any VoIP business, so that you can profit from your efforts.

In order for your business to run seamlessly, your switching and billing need to be seamlessly integrated.

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Telinta offers a fully-integrated solution for both switching and billing.  Our cloud-based TeliCoreTM platform provides a robust portfolio of white label solutions that enable you to offer popular VoIP services such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, Mobile VoIP, WebRTC, UCaaS, and more.

Because our switching and billing is integrated into a single platform, you can offer services without needing to import and export Call Detail Records (CDRs) from one system to another.  Our real-time billing enables you to easily provide both prepaid and postpaid services.

You can accept credit and debit card payments via your choice of dozens of industry-leading payment gateways around the world.  Payments can be processed in real-time, for pin-point speed and accuracy for your business.  Run reports and analyze your performance daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you need on-demand.

In addition to integrated switching and billing, we also offer the tools you need to manage your customers over time, including account creation and updates, payment data, and self-service capabilities.  Your users can log into a secure brandable self-care portal to update payment information, name and address, make changes to how their calls are handled, and other important functions.

Telinta provides you with brandable portals that enable you to do business in any language and any currency you need, as many as you need.

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