Telinta Adds Support for IPsec VPN (L3 VPN) to Enable Secure Carrier Interconnection

Telinta Adds Support for IPsec VPN (L3 VPN)Telinta announced full support for IPsec (L3) Virtual Private Network (VPN) for carrier interconnection with customer switch partitions.  IPsec support enables Telinta clients to interconnect with carriers that require IPsec security on SIP calls (e.g., Verizon, British Telecom).   This service is transparent to customers and provides added security to VoIP communications.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the dominant protocol for VoIP networks, but SIP communications are vulnerable to attacks when left unprotected.   The security of SIP signaling is of large concern and many telecom operators now require the use of VPN for VoIP termination.   Telinta’s IPsec support complies with the operator requirements, ensuring that all SIP communications are performed over a secure encrypted tunnel.  Telinta’s IPsec solution is fully integrated into the hosted PortaSwitch platform, enabling seamless direct interconnection between the PortaSIP switch partition and the carrier.