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How can my users recharge a prepaid balance?

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There are multiple recharge options available:

  • Credit Card payment. Balance can be recharged from a Credit / Debit card via the self-care interface. As an option, you can also allow payments from one of our brandable softphones, as well as accepting payments via our optional PayPal plug-in.
  • Balance can be recharged via the self-care interface. You can contact Telinta support for more details on our convenient PayPal plugin.
  • Vouchers are special accounts that can be generated like calling cards and printed out. Vouchers can be used to recharge debit or credit accounts. Vouchers can be used in the self-care interface, by dialing *12 from an IP phone, with a short code in TeliSIM, or in calling card/pinless service – simply dial *33 when the IVR requests to enter the destination.

Other methods (e.g., wire transfer). Any other payment method can be used, where you can manually reflect the payment manually via your… more »

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