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What type of portals are available?

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TeliCore has multiple portals for different billing entities:

  • Admin Portal (access to all platform features)
  • Reseller Portal (manage own customers, tariffs, products, etc.). Note: resellers can have their own domain name and access the portal.
  • Customer Portal (access to account information, billing, invoices, payments)
  • Account Portal (access to personal settings, VoiceMail box, etc.)
  • Customer Care Portal  (access to logs, reports, recharge accounts)
  • Distributor Portal (additional information is available in the guide)
  • SIM Portal (portal for TeliSIM users)
  • Callshop Portal
  • Virtual Office Portal

All portals are white label, showing only your:

  • Your domain name
  • Your SSL certificate
  • Your logos
  • Your CSS can be… more »

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