Telinta and Lexifone Work Together to Offer Automatic In-Call Translation Services to VoIP Service Providers

Telinta customers can access and bill for Lexifone’s Automatic In-Call translation services directly from Telinta’s cloud-based switching platform. Lexifone provides special promotion to Telinta customers.

Automatic In-Call Translation Services for VoIPSpringfield, NJ and Rochester, NY  (April 9, 2014) Telinta, Inc., a global leader in cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions, today announced that VoIP service providers using Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform will be able to offer in-call automated translation services provided by Lexifone.

Lexifone’s automatic in-call translation service listens to both sides of the conversation and once a pause is sensed, a translated version of your speech is then announced during the call and is audible to both callers.

“Lexifone is the world’s first provider of robotic in-call translation services,” said Steve Dubnik, CEO of Lexifone Inc.  “Our voice-to-voice interpretation technology provides rapid automated translation enabling end users to transact business or just share ideas across multiple languages.”

“Telinta partners with companies who offer innovative technologies, like Lexifone, which can help our customers grow their business,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “With Lexifone’s automated translation, VoIP service providers can now serve end users who otherwise could never converse by phone.”

“Lexifone is significantly more cost-effective than a human interpreter and is available 24/7,” added Itay Sagie, Lexifone’s Co-Founder, Vice President of Sales.  Lexifone was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal’s online Technology Report.

VoIP service providers can access and bill for Lexifone’s services directly through Telinta’s switching and billing platform, via the same interface used to perform other day-to-day functions for their VoIP business.  TeliCoreTM is Telinta’s carrier-grade Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch platform, integrating Telinta’s cutting-edge VoIP solutions with world-class Switching and Billing capabilities from PortaSwitch.  Automated translation can help Telinta customers expand their markets for calling card, pinless, callback, call center and other VoIP services.

Telinta customers who open a new account with Lexifone qualify for a special promotion.  Please contact for more details.

About Telinta

Founded in 2002, Telinta, Inc. offers secure and reliable cloud-based Switching and Billing solutions for VoIP service providers around the globe. Telinta’s full portfolio of white label solutions is highly customizable for VoIP service providers and their resellers. Telinta’s carrier-grade solutions include Calling Card, Pinless, Callback, hosted PBX, Call Centers, audio-conferencing, Business and Residential VoIP, Wholesale VoIP and other services.  Please visit us at for more information.

About Lexifone

Lexifone offers an innovative translation solution with a clear vision to connect those who do not speak the same language, both for outbound or inbound calls.  Lexifone has set up a fully automatic phone interpreter service in 16 languages, combining a voice-to-voice translation engine, speech recognition and linguistic optimization technology.  Based in Israel, Lexifone has offices in Rochester, New York.  Please visit for more details.

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Itay Sagie
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