Mobile Top-Up for your Resellers

Mobile Top-UpOffer Mobile Top-Up for your customers & resellers. is a cellular industry term for adding funds to a prepaid account with mobile operators in many parts of the world.  Money is paid to a service provider in one country, and the funds are transferred to a mobile operator in another country to recharge a prepaid cellular account.  Mobile Top-Up is often an attractive service to complement your VoIP business, especially if you work with resellers.

Let’s take a closer look…

International Users:

When people move from one country to another, they often call home via cost-effective VoIP.  These same consumers also send funds back home to replenish a prepaid cellular balance for their family members.  Perhaps a son or daughter who moves to the US from Latin America will send funds back home to help support their family, and one way of doing this is by funding a family member’s cell phone account.

Cost Shifting:

As any VoIP service provider knows, costs for calling internationally will vary greatly by destination.  For example, the cost per minute is relatively low to call the US, the UK and other very competitive telecom markets.  It may be less expensive for a son or daughter to send funds to their parent’s cellular account overseas so that the parent can originate the phone call to the US at lower rates, compared to calling the parent directly at higher rates.

Regional Specialization:

Many telecom services are marketed to specific ethnic or diaspora communities concentrated in a specific region, and Mobile Top-Up is no exception.  Selling to Brazilians living in Florida is very different than selling to Pakistanis living in London.  So Mobile Top-Up is usually sold under various country-specific brands, using retailers and media which are part of a specific community.  The market is ripe for resellers, who can all sell Mobile Top-Up under their own brand (and perhaps several brands) for the customer segments they serve.

Competitive Advantage:

When your VoIP customers shop for Mobile Top-Up, they may discover other providers who sell both Mobile Top-Up and VoIP services, since these services are often sold together and purchased by the same consumer.  If your competitors offer both Mobile Top-Up and VoIP, and you do not, your business could be at risk.

Resources for Resellers:

In order to build successful sales channels for Mobile Top-Up, you need the right resources to support multiple resellers.  No one can provide the depth and breadth of resources that Telinta offers to help you support your resellers.  Like any of our solutions, Telinta’s Mobile Top-Up solution enables you to serve an unlimited number of resellers using as many brands as you need.  We supply the tools you need for commissions, reporting, pricing, and more.

Telinta’s brandable multi-language web portals can easily be customized for your resellers, distributors, agents and end users virtually anywhere in the world, and can be used with any currency you need.  You can easily accept payment options such as credit/debit card payments via your choice of many credit card processors, PayPal and even cash payments.

Telinta’s cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch and billing platform has APIs integrating leading Mobile Top-Up providers such as TransferTo and Prepay Nation.  This means you can offer Mobile Top-Up using the same platform you use for other Telinta solutions such as Calling Card & Pinless, Mobile VoIP, Callshop, and others.

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