Telinta and Mutare Work Together to Offer Prepaid Voicemail-to-Text Solutions for VoIP Service Providers

  • VoIP service providers can purchase Mutare’s automated voicemail transcription on a prepaid basis for use with VoIP solutions offered via Telinta’s hosted softswitch.
  • Joint promotion includes special offers from both companies.

Springfield, NJ and Rolling Meadows, IL  (March 13, 2017)  Mutare, a leading provider of voicemail transcription solutions and services, and Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions, today announced that Mutare’s automated voicemail transcription solution can be purchased on a prepaid basis and used via Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform.

Mutare will waive its initial sign-up fee for Telinta customers who open a new prepaid account for transcription services.  Mutare customers who sign up with Telinta will receive one free month of switching and billing, up to a $400 credit, on their first monthly Telinta invoice.

This automated voicemail-to-text (v2t) solution transcribes voicemails without human intervention, enabling end users to receive transcribed text via email, SMS and IM, for easier, faster response to important calls.  VoIP service providers and their resellers can offer Mutare’s voicemail transcription as part of services offered via Telinta’s carrier-grade softswitch platform.  Examples of Telinta’s white label hosted solutions for VoIP service providers include Hosted PBX, Business and Residential VoIP, MVNO, Mobile VoIP and other cloud-based solutions.

With nearly a decade of experience in speech to text solutions development, Mutare offers a solution for the service provider market that is second-to-none in accuracy and ease of deployment. The Mutare solution is seamlessly integrated into Telinta’s award-winning TeliCoreTM softswitch and billing platform, enabling Telinta customers to offer high-quality VoIP services together with voicemail transcription without needing their own infrastructure or technical staff.  TeliCore’s highly-flexible billing capabilities enable Telinta customers to offer Mutare’s voicemail transcription as a premium option, or as a standard feature bundled into any calling plan created on Telinta’s platform.

“Using Mutare’s innovative voicemail transcription solution, Telinta customers will be able to increase end user convenience, collaboration and productivity,” said Ben Crown, CEO of Mutare.  “When end users can return calls quickly and easily, service providers earn greater revenues from increased minutes of use.”

“Telinta has built a comprehensive ecosystem of industry-leading partners, and Mutare plays an important role in helping our customers to differentiate themselves,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “Voicemail transcription, together with our highly-reliable switching and billing solutions, can help VoIP service providers to gain a competitive edge and grow their business.”

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