Telinta Adds Voice VPN Option

Telinta Adds Voice VPN OptionTelinta announced an option for its VoIP service provider customers to add Voice VPN capabilities to other solutions available on Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform.  Telinta’s Voice VPN solution includes L2 VPN (L2TP and PPTP) support for VPN-capable SIP phones and Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATAs).  Telinta’s Voice VPN solution adds security by encrypting VoIP communications, adding privacy and helping to meet requirements of some VoIP termination providers.

Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform fully supports L2 VPN, allowing to authenticate and monitor VPN connections and to customize charges for the VPN service.  In addition to L2TP and PPTP capable SIP phones and adapters, the L2 VPN is also available on Telinta’s softphone solution for Windows PCs.