Telinta Streamlines Deployment of Polycom IP Phones for ITSPs

  • Internet Telephony Service Providers can easily deploy any number of Polycom phones via Telinta’s Cloud-based softswitch platform. 
  • Two leading companies work together, enabling ITSP customers to better compete for enterprise customers.

Telinta has developed Auto-Provisioning Profiles for many popular Polycom IP phones to streamline deployment SPRINGFIELD, N.J. (May 16, 2017)  Enabling customers to benefit from the power of Cloud-based solutions, Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions, today announced it is working with Polycom, Inc. to streamline the provisioning of Polycom’s IP telephones for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs).

Telinta has developed Auto-Provisioning Profiles for many popular Polycom phones, including select models of the VVX series of IP desktop phones, SoundStation IP conference phones, and other Polycom IP phones.  These profiles are unique cloud-based tools enabling ITSPs to quickly automate deployments of Polycom’s IP phones via Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform.  Telinta’s Auto-Provisioning Profiles are unique since they enable ITSPs to provision IP phones, activate new features and update software using the same cloud-based platform used to perform other key business processes such as routing calls, billing and customer management.  Telinta’s platform can also be used to easily update firmware, activate and deactivate features, and more.

“We deeply value our partnership with Telinta.” said Shawn Puddester, Polycom’s Vice President of Global Service Providers. “Their advancement for Auto-Provisioning streamlines and simplifies the process of pairing Polycom’s industry-leading IP Phones with Telinta’s award-winning softswitch, improving our combined solution.”

Auto-Provisioning Profiles are a standard part of Telinta’s TeliCoreTM softswitch platform.  TeliCore integrates Telinta’s cutting-edge solutions for ITSPs with world-class Switching and Billing capabilities.  Examples include Hosted PBX, Business and Residential VoIP and other services.

ITSPs can easily create their inventory of Polycom phones using Telinta’s web-based interface.  When Polycom voice solutions are connected to an IP network, they will automatically connect to Telinta’s platform to instantly download a complete configuration profile, without the need for manual configuration or an installer visit.

“Telinta’s automated provisioning solution can significantly streamline deployment for ITSPs, which may otherwise require making costly trips to the customer’s premises,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “This collaboration between Polycom and Telinta can help ITSPs of any size to better compete by using the power of the cloud.”

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