PortaOne Conference: 2019

Since 2016, Telinta has been invited to participate at PortaOne’s customer event in Chernihiv, Ukraine – one of the most significant VoIP conferences in Eastern Europe, attended by VoIP professionals from many parts of the world.

As PortaOne’s largest and earliest customer, Telinta played a significant role in this event.  Our team of highly-skilled engineers, software developers, marketing and sales professionals met with PortaOne’s staff and other attendees to discuss important trends and developments in hosted switching and billing.

In previous year’s Telinta delivered a presentation explaining how PortaOne provides an excellent foundation upon which to build.  These talks showed examples of Telinta’s own custom development, such as our unique TeliSIM MVNO solution, our “Virtual Office” Hosted PBX for Small Business, and other solutions for VoIP service providers.

In 2018, Telinta discussed a unique example of its custom development, its WebRTC solution.  This year Telinta took it one step further and explained how the evolution of its WebRTC solution provided the framework for a new, brandable Desktop Softphone Application – all integrated with PortaSwitch and PortaBilling for use with both inbound and outbound calling, prepaid and postpaid services, with free peer-to-peer on-net calling!

Telinta’s Desktop Softphone App can be easily downloaded to both Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers.  The app installs a desktop icon, which when clicked opens an attractive keypad.  The app includes an addressbook, a prepaid balance indicator, messaging, a brandable tab which can show the VoIP service provider’s name, logo, URL and customizable text.

No browser is required.  All the end user needs is a broadband internet connection, a headset or speakers, and a microphone.

The flexible solution, developed start-to-finish by Telinta, can be offered as a stand-alone service or integrated with any of Telinta’s other hosted solutions for VoIP service providers.

PortaOne Conference: 2018

Invited to present to PortaOne’s customers and staff, Telinta discussed its experiences in innovative new switching solutions for VoIP service providers.Telinta again participated at PortaOne’s customer event in Chernihiv, where VoIP professionals from many parts of the world joined together.  A team of highly-skilled engineers, developers, marketing and sales specialists represented Telinta this year.

In previous year’s Telinta explained how PortaOne provides an excellent foundation upon which to build, showing examples of Telinta’s own custom development, such as its unique Virtual Office solution.

In 2018, Telinta discussed another unique example of its customer development, its WebRTC solution.

Telinta’s WebRTC solution is a web-based softphone which enables end users to make and receive both on-net and PSTN calls via their own web browser, without any type of telephone equipment.  The solution can be offered on a prepaid or postpaid basis, as a stand-alone offer or integrated with one of Telinta’s other solutions.

Developed by Telinta, this brandable WebRTC solution has many attractive features and can easily be integrated into our customizable self-care end user portal.

PortaOne Conference: 2017

ITEXPO presented prestigious “Best of Show” award to Telinta for Hosted VoIP Switching and Billing solutionsIn June of 2017, Telinta returned to Chernihiv to attend a significant event hosted by PortaOne, where 350 VoIP professionals gathered together.

In 2016, Telinta spoke about its custom development, explaining how PortaSwitch provides a high-quality platform to build upon.  This year, Telinta focused on one specific example of custom development, its unique Virtual Office solution.  Developed by Telinta, Virtual Office provides VoIP service providers a unique solution where end users can easily customize their own VoIP service “in the cloud” via Telinta’s self-serve portals.  Navigating through a series of screens, end users can select their own features, DIDs, configure extensions, IVR and more.

This solution is perfect for meeting the unique needs of small and home-based business customers. With Virtual Office, end users do not need to use IP phones, but instead can route calls to regular analog phones without an ATA, including their regular mobile phone line.

Virtual Office’s self-service capabilities lets Telinta customers easily expand their VoIP business across the country or around the world, marketing online without installer visits or shipping phone equipment.

In 2016, Telinta’s Virtual Office solution was awarded “Best in Show” at ITEXPO, a prestigious telecom industry event in the United States.

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Virtual Office capabilities based on PortaSwitch and Drupal CMS:

  • Customizable Self-Service Web Portals
  • Self-Service DID Provisioning by End Users
  • Integration with WebRTC and Mobile Softphone
  • Configure Extensions
  • Auto-Attendant and Dial by Name
  • Voice Mail
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Forwarding

PortaOne Conference: 2016

VoIP Professionals Discuss Key Softswitch TrendsPortaOne is the world’s leading provider of software for VoIP switching and billing.  In Chernihiv, near Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, PortaOne holds annual conferences to discuss important industry issues and innovative uses of its products.

In 2016, over 200 telecom professionals from around the world gathered together to discuss important issues, trends and technology.  The event was the most significant VoIP forum of its type to be held in Eastern Europe.

Invited to present to PortaOne’s customers and team members, Telinta shared its experiences since 2002 developing innovative new switching solutions for VoIP service providers around the globe.  Telinta discussed details on its full portfolio of hosted white label solutions, focusing on its own extensive custom development which complements Telinta’s own installation of PortaSwitch.  Telinta owns and operates the largest deployment of Hosted PortaSwitch anywhere in the world.

The key take-away of the day was that PortaOne provides very a flexible, high-quality foundation upon which custom solutions and unique tools can easily be developed.

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Telinta solutions and other Custom Development discussed:

  • TeliGlobe Mobile VoIP
  • WebRTC
  • TeliConTM Audio-Conferencing
  • Branded Call Shop
  • Distributor Portal
  • Desktop Softphone
  • CallMonTM real-time traffic analysis tool
  • TeliShieldTM fraud deterrent tool
  • Customized online signup
  • PayPal and other payment methods
  • Auto-Provisioning Profiles for IP phones
  • Personalized domain name
  • SWIP and SSL certificates
  • Custom IVR applications