Analyze your VoIP Traffic in Real-Time

Tool enables VoIP providers to see business metrics in real-time: ALOC, ASR, Profits, more.VoIP service providers need to know how their business is performing – not just at the end of the day or the end of the month – but right now.

What are some key performance indicators (KPIs) for VoIP traffic?

  • Average Length of Calls (ALOC):  your average call duration in minutes.
  • Average Success Rate (ASR):  your average ratio of completed calls vs. failed calls.
  • Financial Metrics:  your costs, revenue, and profits per minute.

Keeping a close watch on these metrics is important for a successful VoIP business.  In many cases, the quality of service you provide to your customers depends on the quality of service provided to you by your VoIP Termination carriers.  If their performance suffers, so does yours.

Telinta offers a unique real-time traffic analysis tool that lets you quickly keep tabs on important metrics.  With CallMonTM from Telinta, you can identify and monitor poorly performing carriers.  CallMon enables you to spot issues, before they impact your business.  You can spot trends and make important business decisions, such as choosing your carriers for specific destinations and configuring your call routing.  CallMon lets you make these decisions based on actual performance data.

CallMon is a proprietary tool developed by Telinta, and it is only available to Telinta customers, included as a standard part of our cloud-based softswitch solutions.  Telinta customers can easily display performance data using customizable graphics, with drill-down capabilities to better hone in on key metrics.

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