How can you select multiple carriers for DIDs?

Select your own carriers for Commio DIDs used with Telinta’s softswitch platform.Redundancy is a key part of running your VoIP business.  Many ITSPs configure their routing to have multiple back-up carriers in case one carrier goes down.  This redundancy helps prevent your business from grinding to a halt if your carrier goes down or has performance issues.

While setting up redundant carriers for outbound traffic is easy, how can you also add redundancy for the carriers which serve your inbound DID traffic?

Telinta and Commio have teamed up to offer a unique set of capabilities for VoIP providers.  Commio enables Telinta customers to select multiple carriers to carry inbound traffic to your DIDs.  If a single carrier goes down, Commio can reroute inbound traffic for its DIDs to a different carrier within minutes to minimize disruption.  Telinta’s cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch and billing platform has an API integrated so that Telinta customers can easily purchase Commio DIDs via Telinta’s administrative portal, the same portal customers use to configure other key areas of their VoIP business.

Both companies will provide a free webinar for ITSPs, and introduce a special promotion for new customers.

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