Self-Service Hosted PBX for your Users?

With Telinta’s Virtual Office, you can offer a highly-flexible solution for work-from-home PBX users.ITSPs often ask Telinta “What self-service capabilities can I offer to my Hosted PBX users?”

The more your users feel in control of their own PBX, the more they will feel at ease with your service.

Important self-service capabilities include:

  • Open an account and sign-up online
  • Pick a subscription plan with the features needed
  • Select DIDs and toll-free numbers
  • Access to real-time CDRs
  • Configure extensions, greetings, and more.

Employees come and go in today’s workplace, and that often creates extra steps in managing a PBX.  The more you can put into the hands of your users, the more time you have to run other more strategic parts of your business.

To offer these capabilities, you need to have the self-service portals that enables your users to complete these tasks, from sign-up, to selecting add-on features, to service configuration.

How can you offer a Hosted PBX with the self-serve features your users need?

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Telinta’s unique Virtual Office solution is an award-winning Hosted PBX that we designed with your small and home-based business users in mind.

Virtual Office enables your users to sign-up online, eliminating the need for installer visits, so that you can sell to PBX customers across town, across the country, or around the world 24×7.

Telinta provides you with a brandable self-serve portal for your users to tailor their own VoIP solution in the cloud.  Users can open an account, select DIDs and toll-free numbers from your own providers, configure extensions, set up auto-attendants and dial-by-name directories, record their own greetings, select music-on-hold, and more.  Our newly-designed interface is fast and intuitive.

Virtual Office users can set their own business hours and decide how calls are handled by time of day and day of week.  All this – without needing IP phones or ATAs!  Virtual Office enables your users to route calls to their existing fixed line and mobile phones.  You can even provide them with brandable softphones to use Virtual Office with mobile and desktop devices, Android and Apple iOS, Windows and Mac.

With Telinta’s Virtual Office, you can offer a highly-flexible solution for work-from-home PBX users.  Our real-time billing enables you to create your subscription plans and bundles, offer add-on premium services, and more.

Not sure where to start?  Telinta offers comprehensive training to help get you started, with 24×7 technical support 365 days a year.

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