VoIP Switching and Billing Solutions

Cloud-based white label VoIP solutions from Telinta enable you and your resellers to offer a full portfolio of both retail and wholesale VoIP services. Whether you provide several types of services to your customers, or focus on only one service, Telinta can help you.

These solutions include Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Mobile solutions, Virtual Office, Desktop Softphone and WebRTC, Calling Card and Pinless, Audio-Conferencing, and more.

TeliCoreTM is our carrier-grade hosted switching and billing platform, enabling you to quickly and easily offer VoIP services for both consumers and businesses, all under your own brand. Our white label hosted VoIP solutions are designed to easily help you support your resellers and distributors.

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Our Portfolio

Telinta’s portfolio of white label solutions is organized into four categories for VoIP service providers selling services to Businesses, Consumers, Mobile users and Wholesale VoIP customers.

For your Business customers, Telinta enables you to provide Hosted PBX and Video Calling,  SIP Trunking,  Call Centers,  Conferencing,  Mobile solutions and more.  With Telinta, you can serve businesses of any size, large or small, virtually anywhere in the world.

For your Consumer customers, you can easily provide the popular services such as Calling Card and Pinless,  Residential VoIP with a full array of Class 5 features,  Call Shops and other services.

For your Mobile customers, Telinta provides you with two extremely unique mobile solutions.  TeliSIMTM enables you to provide highly profitable Global Roaming services for travelers.  TeliGlobeTM is our brandable mobile softphone application for both Apple iOS and Android.

For your Wholesale VoIP Termination business, Telinta offers you a highly stable, carrier-grade Class 4 platform with the reliability and security you can trust.

All of Telinta’s hosted solutions are fully integrated with our powerful billing capabilities, enabling you to offer both prepaid and post-paid services, volume discounts, special promotions, service bundles and more.

Telinta only sells to service providers; we do not sell to end users and thus do not compete with our customers in the marketplace.

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