phone.systemsTM PBX Solution for ITSPs

Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface for PBX

Telinta and DIDWW have teamed up to offer an easy-to-use Hosted PBX solution for VoIP service providers.  phone.systemsTM is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual PBX solution from DIDWW, integrated with Telinta’s softswitch and billing platform.

The solution is specifically designed to interconnect with any service provider for VoIP Origination and Termination, and requires no special hardware to purchase and maintain.  phone.systemsTM can easily be integrated with any of Telinta’s white label solutions.

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Key features
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface
  • Configurations are instantly activated once assembled
  • Highly-scalable options to meet the needs of any size business customer
  • Popular PBX features:
    • Call Queuing
    • Ring Groups
    • IVR
    • Voicemail
    • Conference Calling
    • Call Recording
    • Fax via G711u and T.38 codecs
    • Attended and Unattended Call Transfers
    • Compatible with any SIP end point (IP phone, softphone, ATA)
    • Flexible real-time billing
    • Brandable multi-language multi-currency portals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is phone.systemsTM?

phone.systemsTM is a full-featured cloud-based PBX that is easy to use.  Its unique drag-and-drop interface lets you configure your PBX business using an intuitive graphical interface.  Your configurations are immediately active as you make them, helping you to provide faster service to your users.

Who provides phone.systemsTM?

phone.systemsTM combines an easy-to-use Hosted PBX from DIDWW, with Telinta’s cloud-based switching and billing.

Does it include billing?

Yes, the solution includes Telinta’s robust real-time switching and billing.  This includes integration with select leading payment gateways, the ability to create customized subscription plans, volume discounts, promotions, and more.

Can I have resellers?

Yes. This white label solutions include significant resources for your business to support as many resellers as you need. This includes brandable reseller portals, reporting and more.

Do you offer self-service portals for my end users?

Yes. Telinta offers you the capability to offer your users a branded, customizable portal to perform a variety of self-service functions such as adding an extension, reviewing real-time call details and other features.

Can I add a mobile extension?

Yes. the solution can easily be integrated with TeliGlobe, our brandable mobile softphone application for iOS and Android devices, or any standards-compliant softphone you wish to use.

Do you offer free voicemail?

Yes. Voicemail is included at no additional charge as a standard part of your solution. Likewise, minutes of voicemail for inbound calls do not incur per-minute usage fees. However, you may decide whether or not to charge your end users for voicemail. Voicemail recordings are sent to your users attached to an email.

Do you offer Call Recording?

Yes. The solution offers you the option of recording calls. Recordings are sent via email as an attachment.

How do I customize IVR?

You can record your own IVR prompts and upload them to be used with the solution.

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