VoIP Call Shops without Software

Telinta offers a unique web-based Call Shop solution for you and your Resellers to provide white label Call Shop services, custom branded for every Call Shop you run. You have full control over each booth, with the reporting, secure access and other functions you need to closely manage your business.

Our unique web-based Call Shop solution can be operated with any web-browser, without having to purchase or install any new software.

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Key Features
  • Brandable Easy to navigate Interface
  • Prepaid and Post-paid Booths
  • Simple Rate Management
  • Per-Cashier Collection Reporting
  • In-Progress Call Indicators
  • Printed Receipts
  • Varied Access Levels by Type of User (ie, Owner and Operator)
  • Consolidation of Calls per Booth
  • Ability to easily Enable or Disable any Booth
  • Call Shop Cashiers can easily Look Up Rates by Destination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Call Shop?

A Call Shop is a retail store that offers VoIP calling to end users, usually provided via a series of booths or cabins.  Call Shop owners can easily run their own business without loading any special software by using Telinta’s web-based Call Shop solution.

How does Telinta’s Call Shop solution work?

Our Call Shop solution is a “hosted solution” — so you do not need any Call Shop software or servers.  Our brandable, easy-to-use Call Shop interface can be accessed via your web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.  You can offer calling service via IP phones, analog phones with ATAs, or Telinta’s PC softphone for Windows-based computers.

Can I control which functions my employees can perform?

Yes.  With Telinta’s hosted Call Shop solution, you can determine what functions employees can provide based on their log-in.  For example, an Operator log-in can be restricted to only certain functions, while the Owner log-in can have full access.  You can also create reports for each cashier serving your customers.

What other VoIP services can I sell?

In addition to Call Shop services, you can easily offer calling via a mobile softphone application, Calling Cards and Pinless, and our unique TeliSIMTM SIM Card solution.

Does Telinta provide DIDs or VoIP Termination?

No.  Telinta does not provide DIDs or VoIP Termination.  Instead we enable our customers to use any provider they need. Telinta has partnered with several leading DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers so that Telinta customers will receive special pricing, however customers are not obligated to use our partners.

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