Callback Solutions for VoIP Service Providers

Telinta offers a cloud-based white label solution that enables you to run a profitable VolP Callback business. Your customers can trigger a Callback session via a variety of methods or devices, quickly receiving a call back with customizable IVR prompting them to place a call using your VolP services.

With Callback services from Telinta, you can provide your customers the economy of VoIP together with the flexibility of using any available Callback trigger they choose.

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Key Features:
  • Trigger a Callback via a Variety of Methods
    • ANI and DNIS
    • SMS
    • Web-Based
    • Email (e.g.
  • Customizable Multi-Language IVR
  • Speed Dial

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CallBack?

CallBack is a method to provide VoIP calling to your customers where you place an outbound call to them which is triggered in some way by the customer.  For example, your customer calls an access number which recognizes their caller ID, and initiates an outbound call from our cloud-based TeliCore softswitch platform back to your customer.  When the customer answers the call, they are greeted by IVR prompting them to make their own outbound call.

How does Telinta’s Callback solution work?

Telinta’s Callback solution enables you to provide VoIP calling services to your customers, where they receive a convenient inbound call and are prompted to dial their call via customizable IVR.

How do my customers initiate a Callback session?

Unlike other more limited Callback options, Telinta’s cloud-based technology enables your users to access your Callback service in a variety of ways.  This includes dialing your access number, sending an SMS message, sending you an email or accessing your website via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Will my customers pay for the call to initiate a Callback?

If your users opt to initiate a Callback session by dialing your access number, they will hear the line ringing without being answered.  Telinta’s softswitch platform will not return Answer Supervision.  Answer Supervision is what most operators use to determine if charges apply for an outbound call.

Does Telinta provide DIDs or VoIP Termination?

No.  Telinta does not provide DIDs or VoIP Termination.  Instead we enable our customers to use any provider they need.  Telinta has partnered with several leading DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers so that Telinta customers will receive special pricing, however customers are not obligated to use our partners.

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