Offer VoIP to Residential Customers

Our white label solution for Residential VoIP has the features you need to win and retain customers. With Telinta, you can provide highly reliable residential telephony services that your customers and resellers can rely on. This includes Class 5 features, voice mail and streamlined provisioning of popular ATAs and IP phones.

Telinta’s Residential VoIP solution can easily be bundled with other solutions such as our mobile softphone and MVNO for travelers.

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Key Features
  • Carrier-Grade Platform
  • Class 5 Features such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and more
  • Feature-Rich Voice Mail
  • Streamlined Provisioning for Popular Models of ATAs and IP Phones
  • Customizable Multi-Language IVR
  • Voice Mail to Email, Fax to Email
  • API for Third-Party Voice-to-Text Voice Mail Transcription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residential VoIP?

Residential VoIP enables you to offer VoIP services to replace analog phone lines in the home.  Telinta’s cloud-based solution combines a full range of popular Class 5 calling features, automated provisioning for both IP phones and ATAs without an installer visit, subscriptions, calling plans, and more.

Can my customers use their existing phone equipment?

Residential VoIP requires the use of an IP phone.  If your customers do not have an IP phone, an analog phone set can be used together with an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA).

How do I provision an IP phone or ATA?

Telinta offers convenient Auto-Provisioning Profiles as a standard part of our Hosted PBX solution. You can easily build your inventory of IP phones and ATAs via your TeliCore administrative interface. When the devices are connected to an IP network at the customer premise, they will automatically connect to Telinta’s cloud-based platform to download a configuration profile. With Telinta’s Auto-Provisioning Profiles, you can avoid the need of manual configuration. Auto-Provisioning Profiles are currently available for dozens of models from popular IP phone and ATA manufacturers, with new profiles being developed as needed.

Do I need to provide an installer visit?

In many cases, no installer visit is needed.  IP phones or ATAs can be shipped to the home, and are plug-and-play with a broadband Internet connection.

Does Telinta provide DIDs or VoIP Termination?

No.  Telinta does not provide DIDs or VoIP Termination.  Instead we enable our customers to use any provider they need.  Telinta has partnered with several leading DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers so that Telinta customers will receive special pricing, however customers are not obligated to use our partners.

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