Voice VPN for VoIP Service Providers

Telinta offers our customers the option of adding a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to safeguard their voice traffic signaling.  Voice VPN is especially useful in geographic areas where VoIP service providers prefer the utmost privacy and protection.  Telinta’s Voice VPN solution provides you and your customers with the peace of mind that your traffic is protected by state of the art encryption technology.  This helps you meet the high standards of security that some VoIP termination carriers may require.


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Key features
  • Fully integrated with Telinta’s hosted softswitch solutions
  • Virtually unlimited number of VPN tunnels
  • IPsec tunnels for secure VoIP interconnection
  • Easy to manage ZeroTier secure interconnection
  • Compatible with industry-leading VoIP Termination carriers
  • Comprehensive Training
  • 24×7 Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice VPN?

Voice VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure and private way to safeguard your VoIP traffic using encrypted communications.  Telinta’s option for Voice VPN can easily be added to the hosted VoIP solutions we offer.  It supports a virtually unlimited number of VPN tunnels.

How does Telinta’s Voice VPN work?

Some VoIP service providers prefer the added privacy and security that Telinta’s Voice VPN option can provide.  Your VoIP traffic can be securely encrypted using state of the art VPN technology.  With this option, Telinta’s Voice VPN can also be used to meet the requirements of certain VoIP Termination providers.

Does Telinta limit the number of VPN tunnels I can use?

No.  Telinta supports you with a virtually unlimited number of VPN tunnels.

What type of tunnels does Telinta supports?

In addition to IPsec tunneling, Telinta also supports ZeroTier VPN capable end-points.

What type of VoIP services can Telinta’s Voice VPN support?

Telinta’s Voice VPN can be used in conjunction with our business and residential VoIP solutions.


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