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TeliSIM Global Roaming MVNO Solution

Telinta is currently redesigning our award-winning TeliSIMTM MVNO solution, enabling our customers to build their own profitable MVNO business for global roaming services.

When this unique solution is launched, TeliSIM will enable you to offer highly-profitable white label GSM voice, data, and SMS to your end users and resellers, as well as a full portfolio of VoIP services.  TeliSIM can be offered as a stand-alone MVNO service for international travelers, or bundled together with Telinta’s unique Over-the-Top (OTT) Mobile VoIP using a convenient smartphone app for both Apple and Android devices.

Soon TeliSIM will combine cutting-edge mobile technology with the switching and billing capabilities available today with Telinta’s cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch platform.  TeliCore currently supports a full portfolio of both prepaid and postpaid VoIP services, real-time billing with customizable portals which are all available today.

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Key features
  • Mobile Voice, Data and SMS
  • Brandable SIM Cards
  • Your own DIDs and VoIP Termination
  • Real-time Billing
  • Both prepaid and post-paid options
  • Multi-language IVR
  • Customizable portals for end users and resellers
  • Multiple currencies
  • Free top-up of prepaid balances

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MVNO?

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a service provider who offers some form of cellular phone service that competes with the incumbent facilities-based mobile operator.  MVNOs usually operate without owning their own infrastructure.  Telinta’s unique TeliSIM solution enables you to start your own profitable MVNO business, using your own cost-effective VoIP Termination carriers to replace high-cost mobile roaming.

What is TeliSIM?

TeliSIM is a unique solution that enables Telinta customers to build their own MVNO business, offering GSM global roaming services to end users and resellers. It will include brandable SIM cards, GSM voice, mobile data and SMS. TeliSIM will enable Telinta customers to offer temporary roaming to international travelers while they are visiting outside their home country. Designed for travelers, TeliSIM will not be available for your customers to use on a permanent basis inside their home country.

When will TeliSIM be available?

The new TeliSIM solution is currently planned for launch in 4Q 2018. Please contact us today.  We will let you know as soon as TeliSIM is available, however you can get started with any of Telinta’s other cloud-based white label VoIP solutions today. We can provide you with more information about our solutions for Mobile VoIP, Mobile Top-Up, Hosted PBX, Virtual Office, Calling Card, and more.

What is the difference between TeliSIM and TeliGlobe?

TeliSIM will integrate your own VoIP Termination providers into the GSM call flow, replacing the high-cost roaming services provided by mobile operators. Although your VoIP Termination is used with TeliSIM, your users make and receive calls over the GSM network. TeliSIM is not an Over-the-Top (OTT) Mobile VoIP solution. Calls are both placed and received like any other cellular calls without needing an app, PINs, or WiFi. You can add your own DIDs to offer as many local phone numbers with TeliSIM as you need.

Does Telinta provide VoIP termination and DIDs?

No. Telinta does not provide VoIP termination or DIDs, instead we enable our customers to use any provider they prefer. If you do not already have your own providers, Telinta would be happy to refer you to reputable companies who can provide you with discounts and special promotions because you are a Telinta customer. In addition to VoIP termination and DIDs, Telinta has negotiated special promotions for mobile top-up, SMS and other important services.

What solutions can I offer today?

While TeliSIM is currently under development, Telinta currently provides a full portfolio of white label VoIP solutions which are available today. This includes Mobile VoIP, Mobile Top-Up, Hosted PBX, Virtual Office, Calling Card, and more. All of our solutions include fully integrated switching, billing and customer management, together with customizable portals, online payment options, and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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