Switching and Billing for Wholesale VoIP

Telinta offers a cloud-based turnkey Class 4 Softswitch solution that enables you to run a privately branded Wholesale VolP business. Our highly stable carrier-grade Wholesale VoIP platform provides the scalability, routing and rating that Wholesalers can rely on.

Our comprehensive reporting and real-time analysis tools help you manage key metrics to keep close tabs on your VoIP business. With CallMonTM from Telinta, you can track your profits per minute, ALOC, ASR, and other important metrics for a successful Wholesale VoIP business, all in real-time, with trending and drill-down capabilities.

TeliShieldTM provides you with an industry-leading suite of automated fraud prevention tools, helping you to protect your business.

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Key Features
  • Carrier-Grade Platform, Designed to Meet Wholesale Needs
  • Real-Time CDRs
  • Flexible Routing: 
    • Least Cost Routing
    • Priority-Based Routing
    • Adaptive Routing
    • Fail-Over Routing
    • Guaranteed Profit Routing
  • Virtually Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Load Balancing
  • Comprehensive Reporting:
    • On Demand
    • Scheduled
  • Real-Time Analysis of Key Metrics
    • ASR (average success rate)
    • ALOC (average length of call)
    • Number of calls (per hour/week/ month)
    • Cost, Revenue and Gross Margin
    • Graphical trending displays with drill-down capabilities
  • Bi-Lateral Traffic Exchange
  • Voice VPN option

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wholesale VoIP?

This cloud-based solution enables you to offer Wholesale VoIP Termination services via Telinta’s carrier-grade Class 4 hosted softswitch and billing platform.  Using your own carriers, you can provider services under your brand, to an unlimited number of resellers, and more.  Telinta also offers a solution enabling you to offer Wholesale DIDs and Toll-Free Numbers, including APIs to leading providers.

What is included in Telinta’s Wholesale VoIP solution?

Telinta provides a cloud-based solution which integrates switching, billing and customer management.   This enables our customers to run a successful Wholesale VoIP Termination business.  This include flexible routing, load balancing, bilateral billing capabilities, real-time CDRs, optional Voice VPN, comprehensive reporting and more.

What type of reports can I run?

Telinta provides comprehensive reporting  on a variety of metrics which are important to Wholesale VoIP Termination providers.  With Telinta, you can schedule reports, or run them on-demand.  We also offer our CallMonTM real-time traffic analysis tool included as a standard part of our solution.

Is TeliCore a Class 4 switching platform?

Yes.  TeliCore is both a Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch platform.  It is highly stable and reliable and designed to support Wholesale VoIP service providers around the world.

Does Telinta limit concurrent calls?

No.  Telinta does not limit concurrent calls.  Our carrier-grade TeliCoreTM platform is designed with Wholesale providers in mind.

Does Telinta provide DIDs or VoIP Termination?

No.  Telinta does not provide DIDs or VoIP Termination.  Instead we enable our customers to use any provider they need.  Telinta has partnered with several leading DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers so that Telinta customers will receive special pricing, however customers are not obligated to use our partners.

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