Telinta Introduces TeliAssistant

Telinta recently created TeliAssistant − an interactive helper that guides the user through Telinta’s Billing configuration.

Telinta Introduces TeliAssistantTeliCoreTM, Telinta’s Integrated PortaSwitch platform, is a powerful VoIP solution that can handle a wide range of complex call configuration scenarios.  While our web interface is clear and logical, we wanted to make it even easier for new customers to perform day-to-day procedures. Telinta provides initial training and 24×7 access to our highly experienced technical support engineers.  TeliAssistantTM complements Telinta’s support with an interactive tool for instantaneous assistance.

TeliAssistant gives step-by-step explanations for many common configuration scenarios, and provides help for every field.  TeliAssistant will instantly alert the user if a mistake is made during configuration.  TeliAssistant installation is extremely flexible – it can be enabled for the whole environment or only for a particular user.  Telinta is adding new scenarios to TeliAssistant and tailor-made scenarios can be created upon request to help automate your daily routines and meet your unique needs.

A Beta release of TeliAssistant is now available to Telinta customers upon request.