Telinta Announces Enhancements to TeliShield, a Unique Suite of Cloud-based Tools to help Control VoIP Fraud

  • Cloud-based Tools to help Control VoIP FraudCloud-based solution combines Telinta’s real-time analysis, better control and increased security to help VoIP service providers combat fraud.
  • TeliShield is fully integrated with Telinta’s carrier-grade switching and billing platform.

Springfield, NJ (May 10, 2015)  Telinta, a leading provider of cloud-based white label Switching and Billing solutions for VoIP service providers, today announced significant enhancements to its innovative suite of fraud prevention tools. TeliShieldTM is a powerful fraud deterrent that combines Telinta’s real-time traffic monitoring with Telinta’s expert engineering methodologies.

Originally announced at ITW 2013, TeliShield’s recent enhancements announced at ITW 2015 will enable VoIP service providers to take fraud protection to the next level.  TeliShield is only available to customers using Telinta’s carrier-grade Class 4 and Class 5 switching, billing and customer management platform.  TeliCoreTM integrates Telinta’s cutting-edge VoIP solutions with world-class switching and billing capabilities.

TeliShield provides the option for Telinta customers to proactively restrict the IP addresses which are allowed administrative access Telinta’s switch.  For example, Telinta customers can configure TeliShield so that access to their administrative interface would be limited to the administrator’s home or office.

In addition to TeliShield’s existing core capabilities, enhancements include:

  • Unique graphical interface
  • White list and black list of individual destinations for every wholesale account
  • Ability to review and modify the list of destinations via TeliCore’s administrative interface
  • Ability to set credit limits, freeze prepaid balances, limit concurrent calls, and more.
  • Telinta’s Around-the-Clock live technical support engineers are skilled in dealing with fraud, and are available 24x7x365 to help customers prevent fraud.

TeliShield’s real-time traffic analysis capabilities can analyze the number of active calls, as well as their destinations.  This provides increased visibility and data enabling VoIP service providers to make important decisions to help protect their business.  Telinta customers can also limit access to their business customers’ self-care interfaces to only the IP addresses of their own corporate network to help prevent PBX fraud.

“Telinta helps VoIP service providers to meet the constantly evolving challenges of telecom fraud,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “Since 2002, our proprietary methodologies have helped Telinta’s customers around the globe to keep one step ahead of fraud.”

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