TeliSIM MVNO Solution

TeliSIM MVNO SolutionTeliSIM lets you provide mobile voice, data and SMS services to travelers using an entirely new methodology that seamlessly brings GSM technology into Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform. This enables cost-effective VoIP termination to replace more expensive termination from mobile operators, cutting the costs of Global Roaming.

TeliSIM can be used virtually anywhere in the world, including the GSM footprints offered by Tier1 mobile operators such as AT&T, T-Mobile, China Mobile, Vodafone, América Móvil, Telefonica, Orange and anywhere else a GSM cellular signal is available.  TeliSIM offers low-cost roaming with over 600 mobile operators around the world, with no roaming fees charged by mobile operators in over 150 countries.  Any unlocked GSM phone – basic or smartphone – can be used.

TeliSIM does not require access numbers, PINs, wifi or mobile data.

TeliSIM includes two free DID numbers, one for the US and another for the UK. TeliSIM also lets you add Local Phone Numbers available from your own DID providers. Using the intelligence of our hosted softswitch platform, you can use as many Local Phone Numbers as you need with each TeliSIM SIM card.  Your customers can have a local number virtually anywhere in the world they travel, provided that DIDs are available from your provider for that location.

TeliSIM lets you offer both prepaid and postpaid services. Users can easily replenish their prepaid balances for free directly from their mobile phone, from virtually anywhere in the world.

TeliSIM is a partnership between Telinta and Global 1 SIM, and is available to Telinta customers only.  Like all of Telinta’s solutions, TeliSIM is a white label solution that can be branded by you and your resellers.