Tips for Marketing your Business

Tips for Marketing your BusinessHow can you help your VoIP business to grow?  Here are a few tips, brought to you by the experts at Web Marketing Today.

  1. Create Strong Relationships – “Rather than constantly hunting down new customers, you’d much rather create a valued environment that benefits your existing customers and keeps pulling them back.”
  2. Deliver Outstanding Service, Get Referrals – “Getting stellar referrals can be done in two simple steps. One, deliver outstanding service to your clients. Two, ask your clients to provide you with feedback ─ how would they recommend you grow your business? Their answers will help you provide better service, which will develop into more referrals.”
  3. Think Long-term  Think more long-term relationship marketing, and less short-term efforts.  Constantly asking for what you want often grows tiresome to your best prospects.
  4. Develop a Strategy and Follow Through – “Online marketing is rarely lightning in a bottle. Don’t expect to write one post, or share three things on Twitter and become an instant success. Be steady, diligent, and constant with your marketing efforts and focus on long-term rewards.”
  5.  Rely on Systems For service-based companies, getting solid systems in place is what’s needed to keep business rolling. The smart way is to use systems that help you manage various organizational and communication activities.  (With Telinta, you have state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions at your fingertips for billing, customer management, reporting, analysis and more – all without owning your own hardware or software.)