How can my VoIP business offer

What capabilities do your Hosted PBX users need? Ask Telinta.Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) need to offer a growing list of capabilities in order to compete.

The features ITSPs offer not only help them stand out from competitors, but these capabilities help their customers succeed in the marketplaces where they too compete.  Communications is an enabler for any industry, and when your customers win, your VoIP business wins too!

Voicemail-to-Email is a powerful tool that helps users easily keep track of important messages, especially when checking voicemail might be hard to do.  During meetings or other events, a user may be able to multi-task, taking a quick glance at emails.

This capability instantly sends an audio file to a predefined email, enabling users to play back the Voicemail message.  Emails can easily be forwarded to coworkers, or stored for later.  Managers can assign task to team members, without even touching their phone to forward the message.

Enabling users to better manage voicemail can increase voice traffic as your users return important calls they otherwise may have missed.

How can your VoIP business offer Voicemail-to-Email?

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Telinta offers a cloud-based white label solution for ITSPs to provide state-of-the-art telephony to their users.  Our hosted softswitch and billing enables ITSPs to provide feature-rich PBX and other services, including options for Voicemail-to-Email.

Our TeliCoreTM platform can send an email to your users (from your company’s own email address) with an audio file attachment whenever they get a voicemail.

In our brandable account self-care interface, your end users can configure the audio file format that will be delivered. Options include .mp3, .wav, and .au files, supporting a wide range of devices.

With Telinta, Voicemail is free, including Voicemail-to-Email.  We do not charge for inbound calls, Voicemail, or Voicemail storage — all this is included at no additional cost as part of our standard service.  Our brandable Mobile Softphone solution even includes a free Voicemail indicator, alerting your user that they have a message waiting.

Our highly-flexible billing enables you to offer Voicemail-to-Email bundled into your service, or charge extra as a premium add-on.  You are in complete control of your prices!

In addition to Voicemail-to-Email, Telinta also provides you with Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax.  With Telinta, you can offer a robust business telephony service to win and retain customers.

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