What is v2t?

VoIP service providers can offer automated voicemail transcription for use with Telinta’s hosted softswitch and billingVoicemail-to-text transcription enables your end users to “read” their voicemail, without having to listen to an audio recording.  When a caller leaves a voicemail message for one of your end users, that message is stored in digital form which can be automatically transcribed into text.  The text can then be delivered to your end user via SMS or email by your v2t provider.

How can v2t be useful to VoIP service providers?

When your end users cannot answer an incoming call, they may not be able to listen to a voicemail message either, for example when they are in an important meeting.  However with v2t, they can merely glance down at a mobile device and see the message transcript, and then decide whether or not to return the call.

When your users return important calls, it means more minutes for your business.  v2t may also represent a new stream of revenue as an innovative premium service, as well as a competitive differentiator that sets you apart from the rest.  As capabilities like v2t become more common throughout the market, VoIP service providers need to keep up with evolving customer needs in order to compete.

Telinta enables our customers to augment their voicemail services with v2t, which can easily be integrated into our hosted solutions.  Our cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch platform includes APIs that let Telinta customers access v2t services from our partners.

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