Custom Developed VoIP Solutions

Telinta has developed customized solutions to help our VoIP service provider customers succeedWhat makes Telinta different from others?  Since 2002, Telinta has developed its own customized solutions and unique tools to help our VoIP service provider customers succeed.

A few examples of Telinta’s custom development include:

  • TeliGlobe Mobile VoIP, “OTT” calling for iOS and Android devices
  • Virtual Office, a unique Hosted PBX solution for your SMB customers
  • WebRTC, browser-based calling without phone equipment
  • TeliConTMAudio-Conferencing
  • PayPal plug-in, and dozens of other payment processors
  • Auto-Provisioning Profiles for IP Phones
  • Distributor Portal, helping you build your sales channels
  • Desktop Softphone
  • CallMonTMReal-Time Traffic Analysis Tool
  • TeliShieldTMFraud Deterrent Tools
  • Branded Call Shop Interface
  • Customized Online Signup
  • Personalized Domain Name
  • SWIP and SSL Certificates
  • Custom IVR Applications

Our cloud-based TeliCoreTM switching and billing platform enables your VoIP business to benefit from all these custom-developed capabilities, and more.  TeliCore is the world’s largest deployment of PortaSwitch, and combined with Telinta’s own proprietary development, it is by far the most robust VoIP softswitch platform in the industry!

If you are considering an off-the-shelf switching solution, it may not include the custom solutions which Telinta has created.  Our custom solutions are based on Telinta’s 16 years of experience meeting the unique needs of VoIP service providers, both large and small, both new and established, around the world…

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