Four Reasons the Global VoIP Market will Grow

Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch solutions enable VoIP service providers to profit from growth trendsAccording to a study by Future Markets Insights (FMI), a leading industry analysis firm, several important trends will shape the growth of the global VoIP market.

Key insights include:

Business and Consumer Growth:

FMI cited a continued focus on VoIP solutions that enable service providers to serve both business and consumer end users.  “This has led to multi-pronged developments, especially in network infrastructure and cloud-based models,” the report explains.

High-Growth Business:

According to FMI, in 2012 global revenue for VoIP service providers from business customers was US$ 43.27 billion; this is expected to  double by 2020 to US$86.20 billion.  FMI explains that “business customers adopting cloud-based VoIP services due to cost efficiency and packaged service offerings is another factor driving growth.” 


Web Real-time Communications, known as WebRTC, is a high-growth opportunity that enables end users to make VoIP calls using their web browser and a web-based softphone.  FMI predicts that this will grow from US$20.74 billion with 57.4 million subscribers in 2012 to US$24.74 billion with 72.2 million subscriber in 2019.

Mobile VoIP:

FMI notes significant shifts where mobile calling will move away from CDMA and GSM technology to Mobile VoIP services using cellular 3G and 4G networks.

Small VoIP Service Providers:

According to FMI, AT&T leads the VoIP market, but accounts for only 7.5% of the global VoIP services market revenue.  This leaves significant opportunity for smaller players to enjoy growth, comprising the vast majority of industry revenues for VoIP.


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