Can your VoIP business control its own prices?

Want to set your own prices for your VoIP business? Let Telinta show you how.

VoIP service providers often ask the question, “Can I control my own prices?”

Your ITSP business requires a wide variety of products, services, and planning in order to win in the telecom marketplace.  This means being able to control your own pricing.

If you are merely reselling someone else’s solution, you may not have the pricing flexibility you need.

Questions to ask:

  • Do I have complete control over my own pricing?
  • Can I add recurring and non-recurring charges as needed?
  • Can I vary pricing to meet the special needs of different customers?
  • Can I create promotions and discounts as needed?

When you have complete control over your pricing, you can react to changing market needs.  Without this flexibility, your business is held captive to someone else’s agenda.

How can you control your own prices for the VoIP services you provide?

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Telinta offers a cloud-based platform that integrates highly-flexible billing capabilities with our white label softswitch solutions for VoIP service providers around the world.

With Telinta, you are in complete control of your pricing.  Rather than being a mere reseller for someone else’s business, you have the tools you need to run your own business.  Your way!

You can control pricing per minute, per call type, per destination, and more.  Easily configure recurring and non-recurring charges as you wish.  This enables you to earn extra profits from charging for premium add-on services, equipment rental, additional phone numbers, and any other charges you need.

Whether you decide to charge your customers per month, per user, per seat, per extension, or per minute – Telinta enables you to configure your pricing the way you need.  You can create and upload your own “tariff” to our TeliCoreTM platform.  You can change any specific price with just a few clicks.  You can create promotions, bundles, volume discounts, and other incentives to win customers.

You can price your services in any currency you need, as many currencies as you need.  Our flexible Invoice Design Tool enables you to create attractive PDF invoices with your own brand and design, sent automatically to your customers based on your configurations.  Easily accept credit cards, debit cards, and even PayPal for both prepaid and postpaid services.

Need help?  Our technical support engineers can guide you through using our platform, 24×7 every day of the year.  We provide comprehensive training to help you get started.

Telinta enables VoIP service providers and ITSPs to offer popular services such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, calling from brandable Mobile or Desktop Softphone apps, UCaaS, Remote Work Solutions, and much more.

If you have resellers, they can control their own prices too.  We’d love to show you how!

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