How can you customize your VoIP services?

How can you customize your VoIP services to meet the unique needs of customers? Ask Telinta.For your VoIP service provider business, one size rarely fits all.  You need to customize the services you provide to your customers based on their specific needs.  Some customers will require specific functionality, others will depend more on price, while others may want something completely different as their own business situation evolves.

Examples of customization include:

  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Branding for you and your resellers
  • Optional add-on “premium” services
  • Invoice style and graphic design
  • Domains and sub-domains
  • Email auto-reply text
  • Providers for DIDs, VoIP Termination, payment processing, and more.

So how can you customize your VoIP services based on the unique needs of your business, as well as the needs of your customers?

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Telinta enables you to customize your VoIP services in many ways to meet your unique needs.

You can easily offer services in any language or currency you need, as many as you need.  We offer portals and IVR in many popular languages.  You can even record your own IVR prompts.  You can easily select your own music-on-hold, or customers can record their own promotional message for their own customers to hear while holding.

Our white label solutions are brandable, so end users and resellers will not see the Telinta name in our solutions.

You can create your own pricing plans and subscriptions that vary based on your customer’s needs.  Customize your own volume discounts and promotions.  With Telinta, you are in full control of your pricing!

You can easily earn extra revenue for profitable premium services such as additional DIDs, call recording, mobile and desktop softphones, equipment rental, and more.  How?  Our highly-flexible real-time billing enables you to add any recurring and non-recurring charges you need to your invoices.

Prepaid or postpaid services?  With Telinta, you can offer both!

With our unique Invoice Design Tool, you can easily add graphics and text, select colors and fonts, all with drag and drop simplicity.  You can even design invoices using your own CSS.

Telinta customers and their resellers use their own domains and sub-domains.

Want to send an auto-reply to greet new customers after sign-up or other key functions?  No problem.  Emails can be sent showing your own address and customizable text.

With Telinta, you use your own providers for DIDs and VoIP Termination.  We are integrated with dozens of leading providers worldwide for credit card processing, as well as PayPal.  You can also decide to add integrated providers of STIR/SHAKEN Robocall Mitigation, SMS, taxation, mobile top-up, E911, voicemail transcription, and other options.

Our unique Virtual Office solution for self-service Hosted PBX enables you to brand web portals your customers use to tailor their own VoIP service “in the cloud.”

Need to offer IP phones?  Telinta gives you Auto-Provisioning Profiles so you can offer your choice from hundreds of popular devices from a variety of leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Grandstream, Snom, Yealink, and others.

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