How can MMS help your VoIP business?

How can you offer MMS to your VoIP users? Ask Telinta.Multimedia Messaging Service, commonly known as MMS, is a popular form of communication enabling your users to send and receive more than just text.

With MMS, your users can share video, photos and other images, and audio files.  As all types of messaging becomes more in-demand for your users, these capabilities could be the difference in winning or losing customers.  If your competitors offer MMS, and you do not, you could fall behind.

To benefit from MMS, you need to offer more than just VoIP by providing your users with a variety of softphone applications, coupled with MMS-enabled DIDs from your VoIP Origination provider.

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Telinta enables its customers to easily offer highly-desirable MMS services via a robust portfolio of brandable softphones and other white label VoIP solutions.

In addition to voice, our brandable softphones support MMS, which can easily be used with your SMS and MMS-enabled DIDs from a wide range of the world’s leading providers.

Our brandable Mobile Softphone provides both voice and video calling for Android and Apple iOS devices.  The app can be downloaded for free by your users from Google Play and iTunes.

Telinta’s brandable Desktop Softphone for Windows, Mac, and Linux supports a wide range of features including Attended and Unattended Call Transfers, Call History, Address Book / Contact List, and more.

Our unique WebRTC solutions is a brandable web-based softphone that your users access via a self-service end user portal – without needing to install any software!

All of our brandable softphone solutions support important capabilities such as Busy Lamp Field (BLF), options for encrypted calling, making payments via credit cards and PayPal directly from the softphone, and other capabilities.  They are the perfect complements to your Hosted PBX, Remote Work, and UCaaS services to win lucrative business customers.

Telinta not only supports SMS and MMS, but we also offer free on-net messaging between your users.

Our real-time billing gives you full control over the prices you charge your users, both prepaid and postpaid.  Offer features as a premium service with a monthly fee, usage-based charges, or included as part of your service bundle.  Create your own subscriptions, volume discounts, promotions, and more.  With Telinta, you can bill for any recurring or non-recurring charge you need.

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