Why is VoIP Termination Important to your Business?

VoIP Termination is a vital part of your VoIP service provider businessesVoIP Termination is a vital part of your Voice over IP service provider businesses.  It impacts both the cost and the quality of providing VoIP services to your customers.  VoIP Termination is required in order to provide services such as Hosted PBX, Mobile calling to the PSTN from a smartphone app, Calling Card and Pinless, and other services for both businesses and consumers.

How does VoIP Termination work?
VoIP Termination carriers “carry” your traffic from your switch to the PSTN so that calls can be delivered to the called party.  Since VoIP calls start out in digital Internet Protocol (IP) they need to be converted to analog in order to be carried via the PSTN and ring an analog phone.  Providers of VoIP Termination services do this via gateway equipment which borders both the digital and analog networks required for calls.

Having Multiple Providers
In any technology business, redundancy is important.  If one of your VoIP Termination carriers has performance issues on any given day (or perhaps goes down completely) your business will grind a halt if you do not have redundant carriers to fill the gap.  If your switching provider is sophisticated enough to let you set performance metrics to route around poorly-performing carriers, your business can quickly recover, in most cases without creating significant problems for your customers.  If not, then quality problems for your carrier means quality problems for your customers.

Cost Savings
In addition to redundancy, having multiple VoIP Termination carriers offers another important benefit:  cost savings.

Remember that the carrier who offers the best price to one country might not have the best price to another country.  So if you selected your carrier based on their prices for calls to Brazil, are you over-paying for calls to Germany, South Africa, China or anywhere else?

If your switching provider offers Least Cost Routing (LCR) you can easily configure your call routing so that traffic is routed to your most economical carrier for each and every call, regardless of its destination.  Least Cost Routing is no small task.  Prior to each call being routed, the switch needs to make lightning-fast calculations to compare rates between your carriers, select the carrier which offers the lowest price for that specific call, and then route the call accordingly based on the carrier prices which you configured beforehand.

Does your switching provider enable you to enter each of your carriers’ rates, and then automatically select the lowest cost (and thus the most profitable) route for each call?

VoIP Switching
Your VoIP switching provider is the central part of your VoIP business, since it provides the intelligence for call routing, billing, configuring extensions, voice mail, IVR, web portals, payment options and more.

Our cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch platform offers all these capabilities and more.  With Telinta, you can easily use any provider you need for VoIP Termination, DIDs and other important components of your business.  We enable you to configure your own LCR, performance-based routing according to metrics you decide, and even our unique guaranteed profit routing.

Telinta does not provide VoIP Termination, but instead we enable our customers to use any carriers they want, as many as they want.  Don’t have your own VoIP Termination yet?  We would be happy to introduce you to several of our partners.

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