VTech IP Phones Provisioning from TeliCore

VTech IP Phones Provisioning from TeliCoreVTech IP Phones Provisioning from TeliCoreTM

In May, Telinta announced a partnership with VTech, a leading manufacturer of IP phones, enabling Telinta customers to automate the provisioning of any number of VTech IP phones.  Telinta developed Auto-Provisioning profiles for VTech’s award-winning ErisTerminal® phones, including the VSP725 and VSP735 SIP Desksets, VSP600/601 SIP DECT Base Station and Cordless Handset and VSP505 SIP DECT Cordless Headset.

Expanding upon this, Telinta recently developed profiles for VTech’s VSP726, VSP736 and VSP608 models.

Auto-Provisioning Profiles are a standard part of Telinta’s TeliCoreTM softswitch platform.  Telinta customers can easily create their inventory of VTech phones using Telinta’s web-based interface.  When VTech phones are connected to an IP network at the customer premise, they will automatically download a complete configuration profile from Telinta’s softswitch platform.

For a limited time, Telinta customers qualify for a special promotion when purchasing VTech IP phones.  VTech customers who sign up with Telinta will receive a $400 credit towards their first month of softswitch services.

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