VTech and Telinta Team up to Automate Deployments of IP Phones for ITSPs

  • Internet Telephony Service Providers can easily deploy any number of VTech business phones via Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform.
  •  Two leading companies working together to provide a competitive advantage and special offers to mutual ITSP customers.

Special ITW Announcement

VTech IP Phones Provisioning from TeliCoreBEAVERTON, OR and SPRINGFIELD, N.J. (May 9, 2016) – Using the power of cloud-based provisioning solutions to benefit Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), VTech Communications, Inc., a global leader and manufacturer of IP based phones, and Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions, have teamed up to streamline the provisioning of VTech’s IP telephones for mutual ITSP customers using Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform.

Telinta has developed Auto-Provisioning Profiles for VTech’s award-winning ErisTerminal® phones, including the VSP725 and VSP735 SIP Desksets, VSP600/601 SIP DECT Base Station and Cordless Handset and VSP505 SIP DECT Cordless Headset.  These profiles become powerful cloud-based provisioning tools enabling ITSPs to quickly automate deployments for any number of VTech’s IP phones via Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform.  Telinta’s Auto-Provisioning Profiles are unique since they enable ITSPs to provision IP phones using the same cloud-based platform they use to perform other key business processes such as routing calls, billing and customer management.  ITSPs can use Telinta’s hosted platform to activate new features on VTech IP phones, perform remote reboots and update IP phone software.

Auto-Provisioning Profiles are a standard part of Telinta’s TeliCoreTM softswitch platform.  TeliCore integrates Telinta’s cutting-edge solutions for ITSPs with world-class Switching and Billing capabilities.

ITSPs can easily create their inventory of VTech phones using Telinta’s web-based interface.  When VTech phones are connected to an IP network at the customer premise, they will automatically download a complete configuration profile from Telinta’s softswitch platform.

For a limited time, Telinta customers qualify for a special promotion when purchasing VTech IP phones.  VTech customers who sign up with Telinta will receive a $400 credit towards their first month of softswitch services.

“Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform is a powerful solution that makes deployments of VTech IP phones fast, easy and accurate,” said Graham Williams, VP of Business & Hospitality Phones Division, VTech Communications, Inc. “VTech understands the importance of cutting-edge technologies to better meet the needs of our ITSP customers.”

VTech ErisTerminal SIP phones, available in feature-rich desktop as well as convenient cordless models, leverage different cloud, hosted and open-source telephony solutions without negatively impacting network traffic. The VSP725 and the VSP735 are desktop models and the VSP601 is a cordless handset, but they all share the same high-quality HD audio and support for multiple lines. Thanks to Orbitlink Wireless Technology™, these products provide a clear connection and are easily expandable with cordless accessories.

The system can be expanded up to an unlimited number of desktop phones, and up to six cordless handsets for every one VSP600 cordless base station. This means users can leave their desk and enjoy DECT 6.0 sound quality and reception on a cordless handset. The corded phone models also feature power over Ethernet (PoE) with dual Ethernet ports. Using this technology, employees at a business like an auto dealership, manufacturing facility or retail store could place base phones throughout the facility and easily move up to 150 feet away using a cordless handset.

“Working together with VTech, Telinta can help ITSPs – large or small – to better compete in the marketplace by using the power of our cloud-based softswitch platform,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “Telinta’s automated provisioning solution can save both time and money in deploying any number of VTech phones, as well as performing updates which otherwise could require costly installer visits to the customer’s premises.”

ErisTerminal phones come in a wide variety of models, including:

  • VSP725 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset, featuring 24 programmable function keys, supporting 3 lines
  • VSP735 ErisTerminal SIP Deskset, featuring 32 programmable function keys, supporting 5 lines
  • VSP600/601 SIP DECT Base Station and Cordless Handsets, supporting up to 6 phone handsets
  • VSP505 SIP DECT Cordless Headset, featuring DECT 6.0 technology for clear calls when paired to the VSP725 and/or VSP735 desksets

About VTech

VTech is the global leader in electronic learning products from infancy to preschool and the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones. It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services and telephony solutions for the hospitality industry. The company has leveraged its expertise and success in cordless telephones to offer a portfolio of cost-effective, cutting edge business phones solutions as well. Founded in 1976, VTech has been a pioneer in the electronic learning toy category with cutting-edge and innovative products that provide fun and learning to children across the world. By leveraging decades of success, VTech provides a diverse collection of telecommunication products that elevate the consumer experience with state-of-the-art technology and design. The Group is also one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturing service providers, offering world-class, full turnkey services to customers in a number of product categories. VTech mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high quality products in a manner that minimizes any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders and the community.

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About Telinta 

Founded in 2002, Telinta, Inc. offers secure and reliable cloud-based Switching and Billing solutions for VoIP service providers around the globe. Telinta’s full portfolio of white label solutions is highly customizable for ITSPs and their resellers. Telinta’s carrier-grade solutions include hosted PBX, Call Centers, Audio-Conferencing, Business and Residential VoIP, Wholesale VoIP, Calling Card, Mobile, Callback and other VoIP services. Please visit us at https://www.telinta.com for more information.

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