Telinta’s SIP Softphone Integrated with PortaSwitch Platform

Telinta’s brandable SIP Softphone, a software solution designed for PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC VoIP services, has been integrated with the PortaSwitch switch partition and billing platform. Integration features include displaying of the client’s PortaBilling account balance on the phone’s interface and one-click login to the customer self-care web site.

Telinta’s Desktop SIP Softphone Solution

Telinta customers can download the integrated Softphone builder directly from the administrator interface of the PortaSwitch system and distribute the built Softphone to their end users.  In addition to multiple white-label skins, Telinta’s SIP Softphone is fully brandable – customers can create their own custom skins and include their company name, logo, title, and links.

The principal goal of Telinta’s SIP phone was ease of use.  End users can setup the Softphone by entering just a phone number and password; all other parameters are automatically configured in the phone software.  Telinta’s Softphone has customizable Soft Buttons that can be linked to end users’ self-care interfaces to make payments and browse the call records.  A multi-language user interface and compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7 make it easy to use anywhere in the world.

Telinta’s Softphone supports the G.711, G723, and G.729 codecs.  The Softphone comes with an automatic adjustable jitter buffer, an Adaptive Echo Canceller (AEC), and NAT support.  Optional VPN support allows secure communications and overcomes ISP SIP blocking problems.