Work at Home Employment Grows

Working at HomeThe US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a study showing that 23% (nearly one in four employees) worked from home.  This trend has grown steadily for over a decade.

This growth is good news for VoIP service providers who can offer work at home employees the seamless communications they demand.  Hosted PBX solutions can easily serve work at home employees by routing calls to an IP phone located within the residence, or to an analog phone using an ATA.  Mobile softphones, such as Telinta’s TeliGlobe solution, can be offered to businesses of any size, enabling their employees to have a mobile extension fully integrated into the company’s hosted PBX.  This seamless integration makes employees more productive, whether at home and on the road.

The study also found that self-employed people were nearly three times more likely to work at home.  Telinta’s Virtual Office solution helps VoIP service providers to offer small business owners cutting edge telecom features, with the flexibility to custom-build their own solution in the cloud via brandable self-serve portals.  In addition, our Residential VoIP solution lets VoIP service providers easily provide a primary or secondary phone line for home-based businesses.